This is a new need that has developed in recent years, with the understanding that the car park is actually a part of the house and also that it is the first impression you get when approaching the building. 

Epoxy floors enable easy cleaning, do not tarnish and in addition they have an elegant appearance and color. With epoxy floors it is easy to define parking spaces and improve efficiency. When the concrete floor is of good quality, epoxy paint can be applied with a thickness of only 500 microns [1/ 2 mm] which cuts down costs. 

Self Leveling Epoxy can be applied on areas where the infrastructure is not perfect and straight, and where a smooth floor is required. This kind of Epoxy flows and fills out dents and cracks in the infrastructure. In addition, in order to achieve a stronger coating it is possible, in this epoxy, to "compress" minerals, such as quartz making it suitable for industrial flooring where a stronger system is needed. 

Anti-static Epoxy: our body produces static electricity which is harmless in everyday life, but in our workplace "static electricity" can cause disruption of systems and electric shock. This epoxy coating is resistant to light acids and erosion, and its finish can be gloss or matte. Four anti- static and anti- corrosive materials are combined in the epoxy in order to conduct the electricity from our bodies and protect us. Anti-static epoxy maintains the static resistance throughout the life of the product. 

Implementations: ammunition plants, control rooms, electronics, chemical industries, operating rooms and more.