What is Terrazzo? 

Eco-friendly Terrazzo is a new addition to our product line. Thanks to Terrazzo you can transform your dream to reality by designing surfaces, benches, counters, tables, and other products with a touch of the Italian Venetian style. Terrazzo, with its different styles has been used for flooring since the Roman period. Today, it enjoys an enviable reputation as attractive hard flooring that provides a particularly appealing combination of durability, ease of maintenance and beauty. 

This system is based on cement (unlike epoxy) and was used over the years to pave churches (especially in Europe and in Italy in particular), houses and public buildings that wanted to create beautiful, luxurious surfaces durable for years. The new Terrazzo cement method is based on a specially formulated cement polymer that enables casting areas only 20 mm thick which are possible to walk on already after 8 hours. This type of floor is ready for polishing after 30 hours after preparation. This fast drying quality allows work to continue without delay. 

Grains of different size are used in this method, 1-3, 3-5 and -6-9 mm. The use of small aggregates (particulate matter) creates a smoother surface and finer accentuations are achieved in comparison to the traditional Terrazzo cement. The variation of aggregates and pigments enables numerous combinations and designs that create a Terrazzo floor according to your personal taste and allow the designer to leave his mark. 

The ability to design with Terrazzo is to the extent of your imagination. There are countless color and aggregate combinations (granite, glass, marble, etc.) that can be used. In addition, different designs and shapes can be combined on the Terrazzo floor enabling endless variation.

Why use Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a sealed, compressed material with high durability. It is environmentally friendly and is considered a "green" technology. Natural and recycled materials are used as the fundamental elements of the floors.

  • Particularly strong floor.
  • Resistant to damage.
  • Anti skid floor, a very important feature when used in areas with movement.
  • Low maintenance - water resistant and easy to clean.
  • Versatility - the variety of colors, designs, combinations enables the freedom to create complex personal designs.
  • Terrazzo floors are perfect for people with environmental allergies. Since they are hard and dense they are impermeable to mold and allergens. In addition they are made from natural materials.