• Stained concrete floorsStained concrete is a method and another option for designing concrete. After casting the concrete, smoothing and drying it, the concrete surface is then sprayed with hydro- chloric acid and mixed with "patina Colors" [organic colors]. The color is stained into the concrete, washed and dried. Then a special coating material is applied for protection....

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  • What is Micro-topping? Micro-topping is a high strength polymer cement based, surfacing material. Specially designed for use in multiple applications on various infrastructures and is suitable for thin coatings of up to a thickness of 2-3 mm. Micro-topping is highly resistant to abrasion and is engineered to adhere to a broad range of surfaces including concrete, steel, wood,...

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  • This is a new need that has developed in recent years, with the understanding that the car park is actually a part of the house and also that it is the first impression you get when approaching the building. Epoxy floors enable easy cleaning, do not tarnish and in addition they have an elegant appearance and color. With epoxy floors it is easy to define parking spaces and improve efficiency....

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  • What is Terrazzo? Eco-friendly Terrazzo is a new addition to our product line. Thanks to Terrazzo you can transform your dream to reality by designing surfaces, benches, counters, tables, and other products with a touch of the Italian Venetian style. Terrazzo, with its different styles has been used for flooring since the Roman period. Today, it enjoys an enviable reputation...

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