What is Micro-topping? 

Micro-topping is a high strength polymer cement based, surfacing material. Specially designed for use in multiple applications on various infrastructures and is suitable for thin coatings of up to a thickness of 2-3 mm. Micro-topping is highly resistant to abrasion and is engineered to adhere to a broad range of surfaces including concrete, steel, wood, asphalt etc. 

Topping's micro-topping is used in both interior and exterior applications and is perfect for remodeling or for renovating old concrete. It can also be used when building a new structure. Micro-topping has extraordinary adhesion properties and therefore with the correct surface preparation will bond to almost all solid substrates. Using only three millimeters you can transform traditional gray concrete or other surfaces into a work of art. 

Micro-topping is one of our most versatile systems and can be used vertically allowing walls and floors to have continuity in design and appearance. Micro-topping can also be used on stairs, work surfaces etc. 

Micro-topping can be applied in one layer and unlike concrete it will not crack. It can be applied as a uniform surface or be divided according to your choice. For design versatility on interior surfaces Toppings offer hundreds of color choices with no design limitations.